Shareholder & Stakeholder Rights

The Company has ensured that its’ Articles and Memorandum of Association, and internal policies, include the controls and the basis for protecting stakeholders’ and shareholders’ rights. This aims at safeguarding the Company’s’ financial positions and triggering their roles in serving community and economic development process. The main objectives are as follows:

  • Protect the rights of its shareholders including minority shareholders as well as the Company’s various stakeholders
  • Provide timely and accurate information regarding the Company including the Company’s financial position and major shareholders
  • Encourage the effective participation of shareholders at General Assembly meetings and provide them their rights in line with the Company’s Articles and By-Laws and the prevailing laws including the Commercial Companies Law
  • Make timely disclosures to the shareholders, regulatory bodies and the general public as per the requirements of the various regulatory bodies and relevant laws
  • Provide appropriate means for shareholders and stakeholders to report any matters where their rights may have been violated by the Company and takes the necessary corrective actions where required
  • Protect and recognize stakeholders’ rights, and enables them to receive compensation if there are any violations of their rights based upon the implemented laws issued in this regard