Investment Committee


The Purpose of the Investment Committee is to assist the Board and Risk Management Committee (RMC) of the Company in fulfilling its oversight relating to the Company's investment activities.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Develop recommendations for the RMC / Board with respect to Investment plans or policies in light of dynamic economic market conditions;
  • Develop and recommend/review to the RMC / Board
    • Investment strategy, policies, and guidelines;
    • Investment portfolio performance
    • Performance / Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of
    • Chief Investment Officer (CIO) / Manager
    • Finance strategy, policies, and guidelines
    • Finance performance / KPIs
  • Develop and recommend to RMC / Board, business and investment policies and procedures balancing risks, returns and cost;
  • Recommend CIO / investment manager mandates to RC / Board;
  • Review and recommend to the RMC / Board the appointment and termination of investment managers and advisors;
  • Review and recommend to the RMC / Board the appointment and termination of the investment custodian and other providers of investment related services;
  • Advise investment transactions to the RMC / Board;
  • Monitor performance of all asset classes plus the total portfolio against performance measurement targets.
  • Monitor the actual and target performance of the portfolios versus the appropriate industry peers. If performance results are unacceptable recommend what changes may be required;
  • Monitor compliance with the Investment Framework and Limit Guidelines;
  • Monitor periodically the risk assumptions and asset return assumptions;
  • Monitor daily matters related to the Company’s investment portfolio, including implementation of policies and strategies of the Company
  • Monitor the performance of each fund manager/custodian and their fees and report the same annually to the RC / Board;
  • Monitor compliance with the delegation of authority to execute delegated investments;
  • Recommend to the RMC / Board for approval any investment transactions which are not within the investment guidelines;
  • Develop the investment appraisal documentation including the results of the due diligence on potential investments for presentation to the RMC / Board;
  • Present investment justifications and exit strategies to the RMC / Board for review